G.E.E. Lindquist Native American Photographs

The Burke Library Archives @ Columbia University

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Daughter and Granddaughter of Reverend Charles Frazier, Rapid City, South Dakota
October 26, 1949
3 3/8 x 5 3/4 in.
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Annotation on Front
2., 1.
Annotation on Back
October 26, 1949. This picture conveys living conditions and is a typical one in Rapid City, South Dakota. No. 1 is Mrs. Estelle Frazier Rencountre, daughter of the late Rev. Charles Frazier a Congregational Minister of the Santee Tribe of the Sioux Nation. No. 2 is Estelle’s daughter Mrs. Bernice Rencountre Gonzalez. The little tots are their children. Twenty dollars a month is what they pay for rent for these shacks. They are not worth fifty cents a month. Their lawns are saw dust. Their remark: “We live this way and it is hard, but our children will finish schooling some day and we can live differently.” The two in the picture are Episcopalians. Levi M. Rouillard.
Rapid City (S.D.)
States & Provinces
South Dakota
Indian women; Children; Portraits, Group; Mobile homes; Women; Indian children
Rencountre, Estelle Frazier; Gonzalez, Bernice Rencountre
Rouillard, Levi Moses
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South Dakota Indians; Rapid City, S.D.
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62: 758