G.E.E. Lindquist Native American Photographs

The Burke Library Archives @ Columbia University

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Navaho Boy
between 1912 and 1953
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Date based on the earliest and latest dates of the Lindquist collection.
5 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.
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H-1370 A Navaho Boy Copyright by Fred Harvey
Annotation on Back
In apearance the Navaho is tall, rather slender and extremely agile. Both sexes, almost from birth, are at home on the pony, and the men are famous for their ability in running . At first acquaintance they are silent and seemingly unfriendly but on closer acquaintance they are found to possess a great store of humor and a cheerful and happy disposition. They are very fond of games. The Navahos are possessed of enormous flocks of sheep. They cultivate orchards, small patches of corn and melons and large areas of beans. The women are the finest blanket weavers and many of the men expert silver smiths.
Navajo Indians; Indian boys; Portraits; Indian youth; Boys
Fred Harvey (Firm)
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North Dakota
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52: 744